About Us

Sixteen years of our experience/training resulted in initiation of CNCpl. Based on our best knowledge we are thoroughly prepared to serve You. Thanks to experience gained due to  cooperation with firms like AgrosterFFK MouldsBMMAbplanalp Consulting or Macro we are able to guarantee Highest Service Standards.

The spirit of our firm is based on continuous evolving and meeting new requirements.



Our progress in gaining experience:

2001 – programing and operating numerically controlled machine tools (CNC)
2004 – safety (BHP)
2004 – extendingknowledge about programing and operating CNC
2005 – operating gantry
2007 – waste management
2007 – fire safety (PPOŻ)
2008 – Hydraulic Motor Driven Systems
2011 – controlling SINUMERIK
2011 – electrical installations SEP
2012 – Rod feeder
2013 – extending knowledge about fire safety
2013 – extending knowledge about controlling SINUMERIK

Our experience was greatly increased also due to cooperate with brands like:


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